Meet Our Seminarians

Deacon Adam Frey
Mr. Jacob Lott
Mr. Chris Collins
Mr. Jon Olivier
Mr. Benjamin Mullen
Mr. Joshua Statham

Birthday: June 1
Home Parish:
St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church, Ocean Springs
Vocational Synthesis: 3117 W. 4th Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

My name is Deacon Adam Frey, and I am in my final year of seminary at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. I grew up in a Catholic family from New Orleans that was always involved in the parish. Throughout my time in High School, the idea of priesthood was in my head, but I never gave it any serious thought. I had my plan of going to university where I would study electrical engineering, but it was while I was at the University of South Alabama that I finally said “yes” to discern the priesthood. It was at university that the faith became my one insofar as that I was the one making the decision to go to Mass on Sunday as well as daily Mass along with weekly adoration.

Since being in the seminary I have matured as a man and grown in my spiritual life. Throughout these years I have had numerous summer assignments in parishes across the diocese where I was able to gain real parish experience and have a better idea of what the life of a priest entails. My longest time in a parish was at Sacred heart in Hattiesburg where I spend a year between my second and third years of theology where I was given the opportunity to really see what the calendar year of a parish entails.

When I have free time, I enjoy going for a bike ride on the levy along the Mississippi River in New Orleans. I am the house tailor of the seminary which entails resewing the hems of pants or buttons back on garments, as well as measuring guys for cassocks and other liturgical garments. I have a great devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows, who is also the patroness of our state of Mississippi. I was always drawn to the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary, and when I learned of this Marian title there was a near immediate devotion formed.

Birthday: June 12
Home Parish:
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Hattiesburg
Seminary: 2nd Configuration – Notre Dame Seminary
2901 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118

My name is Jacob Lott. I was raised in rural Covington County, MS, near Collins and Seminary, MS. I attended Seminary High School, and went on to study History at USM in Hattiesburg where I was for two years. I was raised in the Baptist Church, but I discovered the Catholic Church through a friend in High School, and after a long period of research and prayer, I was received into the Catholic Church at St. Fabian Parish during my first semester at USM. After that time I frequently attended Saint Fabian, Saint Thomas Aquinas, and Sacred Heart in Hattiesburg.

Soon after I began discerning a call to the priesthood in the Diocese of Biloxi. I felt a higher call to service of both God and my neighbor, and after spending much time in prayer before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, I applied and was accepted by Bishop Kihneman in May of 2021. I knocked and the door was opened.

I have a great devotion to many saints, including St. Edward the Confessor and Bl. Karl of Austria,and I enjoy reading about the lives and histories of the saints. I am an active genealogist and researcher of local history, and a member of several historical and genealogical societies in South Mississippi. I enjoy gardening, when I am able, and traveling to historical places.

Birthday: November 10
Home Parish: St. James Catholic Church, Gulfport
Seminary: 2nd Configuration – Notre Dame Seminary
2901 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118

My name is Chris Collins and I am a seminarian for the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi. I grew up Catholic but never truly took my faith seriously until I was in high school. I learned all about the faith as a child, but it wasn’t until high school that I truly encountered the Lord and began to really practice my faith. I began to discern the priesthood when I was a junior in high school after being inspired by the witness of a holy priest. The thought of laying my life down for the Church filled me with joy and gave me a sense of purpose in my life. I saw the great need that the Church has for priests and I felt that God was calling me to be a part of the solution.

Since being in seminary, I have grown substantially both in my spiritual life and all around as a Catholic man. My desire to serve God as a priest has also grown throughout my time in seminary and I’ve been able to see myself in the role of the priest. Seminary has allowed me to live with and discern with men from all over the south striving for holiness.

In my free time, I enjoy staying active and playing sports including soccer and football, but my favorite sport is disc golf. I enjoy reading about the lives of the saints as well with my favorite saint being Saint John Vianney because he is a great example of how a priest should live and I hope and pray that I will have the same love for the priesthood that he had.

Birthday: November 30
Home Parish: St. Clare Catholic Church, Waveland
Seminary: 4th Configuration – Notre Dame Seminary
2901 S. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118

Hi, my name is Jon Olivier. I’m a seminarian for the Biloxi Diocese at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans.

I was a late call to the Seminary. I was in my forties before I started taking my faith seriously. A married couple in Mass reached out and asked me to join them in a parish bible study on Acts. It started to change my life. I rarely prayed and read scripture outside of Mass. I finally met parishioners who lived their faith and were willing to take a chance on me. It eventually led me to get involved at the parish level and to ask God what I could do for Him.

For me, that led to prison ministry. God still had other plans. It took many years but I started to feel the call to religious life and possibly to a priestly vocation. I’ve finished my third year at NDS and the calling is stronger now than ever. My advice is don’t be afraid to ask God what you can do for him. He will lead you exactly where you need to be to serve His Kingdom. God Bless.

Birthday: August 11
Home Parish: St. Elizabeth Seton, Ocean Springs
Seminary: 1st Discipleship – St. Joseph Seminary College

Hi, my name is Benjamin Mullen. I am the second youngest and I have eight siblings. My hobbies include photography and playing guitar. My journey to discernment began when I was ten. Our parish priest commented that he believed I should be a priest. I wanted to be a priest but I had no idea if God was calling me to it. I eventually fell out of love with the church and my spiritual life suffered. Throughout my high school years, I never took my faith seriously. It wasn’t until the last few months of high school that I felt God calling me back to the church and to grow in my relationship with Him. During the process of learning more about my faith, I felt that God was calling me to discern the priesthood. I then talked to a priest and applied to the seminary program. After a few months, I found out I got accepted. I can’t wait to attend SJSC as a seminarian while I discern God’s will for me.

Birthday: May 10
Home Parish: St. Jude, Pearl, MS
Seminary: 1st Discipleship – Notre Dame Seminary

My name is Joshua Statham and I am from Richland, MS. While pursuing my graduate studies at Southern Miss, I was received into the Church in 2021 at St. Thomas Aquinas in Hattiesburg. When I first felt drawn to the priesthood, I began discerning seminary with the Jackson Diocese, my home diocese. During this time I learned more about the priesthood as well as the other three vocations. I also became more active in parish life by altar serving and helping with RCIA. After finishing grad school in December of 2022, I interned with the Mississippi Braves and in March, felt lead to discern seminary with the Biloxi Diocese.

I am very grateful for the prayers and encouragement from my church families at both St. Jude (Pearl, MS) and St. Thomas (Hattiesburg, MS) and especially grateful for the spiritual direction from Fr. Mark at St. Thomas and the vocational guidance from both Fr. Nick of the Jackson Diocese and Fr. Braxton of the Biloxi Diocese.